Hello my good friend,
I am Dr.Lee Chen,Asian Representative to United Bank of Africa (UBA)Ghana.
Like i ask you before,Can you come to Ghana? I will like to introduce you to a good business that will give you a cool money within some days if only you can be trusted.. Is about my customer here in the bank who is my close friend,he is a Russian but transact his business in the mining industry in this country,now he is very very seek and he was diagnose of lung cancer in a private hospital,he personally told me about his fund which he deposited in a security custodian company in UK and have branches in Germany and Dubai.. He also told me to get a good and a reliable person that will go and clear the fund out from the company and have 30% of the fund.....he also promise to release the Access Pin Code of the box including the Deposit Certificate that will enable you claim the fund out from the custodian firm,meaning that the document will be given to you when you are ready to go there... This is why i contacted you directly...nobody is aware of these secrete and should be kept secrete,i only reveal it to you personally because you are close to UK and you are my friend in Europe and that gives us advantage. I await to receive your reply through my email id as soon as you receive this message.
Dr.Lee Chen.
Auditor General of (UBA)/
Asian Representative to United Bank of Africa (UBA) Ghana.
Sms me directly to my email address: [email protected]